Visitor’s View

This is my second visit to “Manthan”. This is such an organization which touches your heart and makes you feel that there are still people who do much for the special children. This is no less than “Mother Teresa” organization. May God bless each one of them lot of strength to do well in life. We are with them.

Mrs. Neelam Singh
(President, AFWWA (Regional) Air Force – Gandhinagar)

Its has been an eye-opener for me. I wonder why people like us have everything ever be unhappy? Seeing the girls here who have nothing in life, being so happy. I feel every one should always be happy by having a positive towards life.

Amish Turakhia

I with my entire team am visiting this place for the first time. It is very difficult to express in proper words our heartfelt feelings towards these girls in particular and your oraganisation. My best wishes to all inmates and every one attached to this organization in doing such an excellent work here.

(47SU Indian Air Force)

Impressive work. Very well organized institution with focus on education of the girls with special needs. With out doing anything for my sisters, I do not feel qualified to write any suggestions. But our visit was filled with warm welcome, love & informative. It was inspiring to all of us. Hopefully it will lead me to some action and to many of USA who will visit his place. I have no doubt about it.

Ujjaval M.Patel

This place is really very nice. I am so happy by seeing progress of this institute. Mainly hospital, physiotherapy Kendra, These people are so lucky because they can get good care and support of such a nice mother like Niruben.

Ketan patel

This organization has done an exceptional job providing not only the basic necessities, but also resources for extra curricular activities, educational needs, personal development. It is a difficult undertaking which has been done very well.

Palak Shah, Suresh Shah
(Asmita Shah, U.S.A)

For all guests and donor I have one thing to ask. Please do come here, often but not only to see the program or to watch the girls from a distance. Come her and spend time with them, give them some attention, sing and dance with them, help them with their studies, talk to them about things that they are interested in.

Camilla Salomonsoon

Excellent Job! I could feel lot of dedication sincerity and selfless gesture the way ‘MANTHAN’ is handled. What better proof than sunshine and smile expressed by each and every inmate of this wonderful Institution 1 God be with you and bless you! Words are poor COMFORTERS!

Miss Aruna Gohil