Various health care, health awareness and health check up programs

Various health care, health awareness and health check up programs were planned with the help of different voluntary agencies as under

a.Under the auspicious of CHILD ANTISICKENESS YEAR a dental camp with the help of Dr. Bhavik Shah; Dr.Shama Parekh and Dr. Anna Sturestan of was held on 18-06-09
b. COMPOSITE HEALTH CHECK UP camp was organized on31-08-09 under auspicious of WOLD HEALTH DAY WITH THE HELP OF Ahmedabad Medical association and Sanjivani Trust Honorary services were provided by Dr. Pankaj Shah Dr.Balkrishna Rathod;Dr. Rameshbhai Patel and others.
The advantage of the camp was availed by the resident girls of Manthan and the villagers of the villages surrounding Manthan
c. A health check up camp was organused at Manthan which was attended by SHRI JAYDEVBHAI DESAI AND Ms. KALPANABEN DESAI FROM..
They had raised an handsome amount for the purpose and had also personally contributed to the event.The total amounyt donated was US $ 2500/ and the camp was a great success .

The major events at the camp were

i. 18 blind/semi blind girls of Manthan were examined by the Nagari Hospital and TWO girls were found to be worth operating so as to restore their eye sites.OE girl was provided with specteccles and 15 other girls were considered in operative.
ii. Audiometry tests of 9 mute girls were carried out by Dr. Mallikarjune..a speech and hearing specialist at his clinic and detailed charts of the impediments were prepared. SIX girls were identified to be in need of HEARING AIDS and they were provided the same. It was opined by Dr. Mallikarjune that once these girls are able
to hear, their speech will also be restored.Approximatly Rs. 90,000/- wrere spent on audiometry and hearing aids.

iii. The resident girls of Manthan were alsoexamined for possible medical intervention..operation for POLIO and 13 such girls were identified who could be benefited by the operations

iv. TWO girls out of 13 whose parents consented for the operation were operated at Karuna Trust and they are recovering
v. FIVE TRICYCLES were donated to FIVE girls who could NOT make use of even crutches and had to drag themselves on ground
d. It has been decided that a composite ehalth check up camp will be organized on every 3rd Sunday at Manthan for the benefit of the villagers of Hajipur and surrounding villages. KARUNA TRUST AHMEDABAD has offered their services for such camps..Karuna trust has also agred to provide medicines free of cost to such
patients who are in dire need.