Our Approach

Manthan always strive to attain its objectives mainly of helping variously challenged girls and to help them; one has to locate such girl; bring them to Manthan and then initiate necessary steps to help them.
In earlier days when people were travelling on foot and when they become thirsty they had to locate a well or a source of drinking water. The well was never going to the thirsty. How ever, rivers assumed a different approach and they go to villages and places were people need their water.
MANTHAN HAS ADOPTED APPROACH SIMILAR TO THE RIVERS. Manthan locates the challenged girl and the GIRL has NOT to locate MANTHAN.
Manthan has thus developed a system to help such challenged GIRLS ,without the distinction of cast or creed and help them be a part of main stream ,live their lives happily independently.
On Jan. 26th 2001, Gujarat was rattled by an EARTH QUAKE causing heavy insurmountable damage to properties and human and animal lives. KUTCH district was the most heavily damaged district and many families met with death living small children alive.Manthan decided to visit KUTCH and locate girls who were left alone without support…entire family having perished in the quake. Manthan’s office bearers toured the area for a week and could locate 9 such girls who are with Manthan as to day and live their lives in the company of other girls and study.
On 9th Aug. 2013, the Hon. Secretary was idealing away his time going thro’ the daily NEWS PAPER; GUJARAT SAMACHAR and suddenly he became alert. His attention was attracted to a news item which described the pathetic story of a family who jumped under the on coming train with a view to commit suicide. The bread earner of the family..FATHER and his TWO sons died on the spot and the TWO girls aged 11 and 10 years BHAVNA and MADHU survived but with their ONE hand damaged,, ,Bhavna’s from ankle and Madhu’s from the wrist
Girishbhai without loosing a moment deputed one of the teacher to the place of accident and contact the Mother. Unfortunately she was found to be meanly weak and she was NOT even aware of the misfortune that has fallen on her and family.
Both the girls were admitted to Hospital for immediate treatment and the teacher leftafter consoling the other known persons and with a promise that
“If need be MANTHAN will take care of both the girls for the rest of their lives FREE of COST without any burden to any one known to the family:
After about 3 months, when Bhavna and Madhu were recovered the Village Head (Sarpanch) with ¾ responsible leaders of the village visited Manthan and when they were satisfied; they left both the girls at Manthan where they are now studying in std. XI and X and happily enjoying the life.
Photographs of Bhavna and Madhu