Know Manthan

Manthan is a multi-faceted organization, a home away from house; created to care for and meet with the needs of physically, mentally; socially and spiritually challenged GIRLS .who are deprived of the family love. The parents are not able to provide emotional support and care these girls need during their infant stage because of their own financial and social problems.
The maxim of Manthan, amongst many; is to provide such variously challenged girls the opportunity to acquire education, self respect; and develop themselves in a nurturing environment slated to provide family love; particularly MOTHER’S and SISTERS’ love..

Ms Niruben Raval was Principal of a school for DISABLED BOYS. A very shocking incidence in 1991 changed the course of her life which made her realize that there were no facilities available for rehabilitation of PHYSICALLY AND OTHERWISE CHALLENGED GIRLS in whole of Gujarat or even Western India which may enable them to live an honorable, self supporting life and be a part of the main stream. ( More details of the incidence is provided in the chapter of ORIGIN)

The observation made her to decide to establish an independent REHABILITATION CENTRE for such girls and provide them the HOME away from their house.
Manthan was inaugurated in 1991 on WORLD WOMEN’S DAY after overcoming lot of difficulties and opposition from local villagers.
Niruben with the first group of 21 girls started to live in THREE mud huts facing the severities of weather; cold biting winds of Winter, torrential rains in Monsoon and dry skin burning heat of Summer. Monsoon melted the mud huts by 2 feet every year and by the end of 1993; the girls and Niruben were under SKY …. Their only shelter

Now; as to day; Manthan is able to, give these girls NOT ONLY MOTHERS LOVE AND OPPORTUNITIES TO ENJOY THEIR CHILDHOOD DAYS which these girls are hankering for..but .Manthan also provides relief from the mental and physical pressure which is experienced by a CHALLENGED person from their families, society and public in general, especially in schools from the co-students, and more so in case of girls.
Manthan allows these girls to learn to grow and look forward to a future of promise in a very loving environment so as to be self supportive, earning their own livelihood and not be a PARASITE on the society

At Manthan girls quickly realize that they, all of them; are equally loved and cared for and share the same opportunities to grow and make their own life which are available to the daughters of an average middle or higher middle class families in our country/Gujarat,

The memorandum of articles stipulates the area of operation as the entire country i.e. India but for the present and till Manthan gets the country wide recognization and support, the activities are restricted to Gujarat .

We are located at village HAJIPUR, which is situated at a distance of about 35 Kms from Ahmedabad and is well connected with a decent Road.with Ahmedabad, the financial capital of Gujarat; and which is having firm links with entire India and is connected by Air, Rail and Road .with all the major cities of India. The map provided here below guides the visitor to Hajipur from Ahmedabad.