Mathan, now with the help of generous donations from the large hearted people of Gujarat, of USA and of other countries; have been able to develop adequate facilities so as to take care of some 350 physically or otherwise challenged girls.

Manthan is now spread in an area of about 5 acres of land with TWO independent division viz educational section and Residential zones

In residential section Manthan has Dormitories/ rooms, a good kitchen with two dining halls so as to accommodate 600 resident girls and guests at a time. Manthan now has adequate storing capacity for grains; other goods; a very good prayer hall cum auditorium; open play ground and all such other facilities.

In educational complex, Manthan has Primary and secondary school buildings; computer room; dispensary and PHYSIO THERAPY center as also a gaushala with 20 pedigree cows

Manthan also has TWO tube wells,(one with POTABLE drinking water) thus these TWO TUBE WELLS meets with the total requirements of water…50,000 liters per day..