About Manthan

Manthaan….A HOME away from house;

Manthan… A temple of LOVE and AFFECTION

Manthan… .An EDUCATIONAL institute

Manthan…. An abode to make TRUE the dreams

Manthan…. A place to build confidence

Manthan…. where Variously challenged GIRLS get shelter and Education

Manthan….Where distressed women find solace and comfort.

Maanthan….. The only REHAB center of Western India EXCLUSIVELY for GIRLS facing
various challenges of life.

Manthan is the rehab center operating since 1991 providing education and shelter to under privileged GIRLS of Socially and Economically weaker section of the Society. These variously Challenged girls (about 98%) .,. represent different caste, ethnicity; religion and economic status, Their disabilities include Polio, Blindness, Muteness (Hearing/Speaking loss ), limited Intellectual or Emotional developments and even financial challenges. Their parents are not able to provide them educational and health care facilities.which they get FREE at Manthan.

A few distressed woman who seek shelter at Manthan are FREE of any physical disability but have lost the support of their families and have no means to support or sustain their lives. They are financially,emotionally and bodily handicapped.

Manthan provides such girls and woman lodging, boarding ,educational; health and other facilities and mother’s as also daughter’s Love.

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  • event-img
    Bamboo dance at NEW JERSEY USA

    Bamboo dance peing perfformed by POLIO affected girls,after having ONE leg operated and other still having effect of polio

    September 1, 2006
    world gujarati conference new jersey usa

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Today's experience was an eye-opener.

Nothing is impossible – you can make it possible." Where there is a will there is always a way. One heartiest congratulation to you and your untiring zeal & efforts. We have learnt a lot from "Manthan". May God bless you and your institute. Keep up the good work always.

Meher R. Medora
(Jt. Hon. Sec.)

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